Roman Berry

The world is gaining momentum to face the ‘Covid brave new normal’!

AND, It’s time to have a reset of mindset!

We at Divergent Theatre Collective believe, it’s time to embrace a meaningful pathway towards representation in theatre and the Arts. We encourage more open discussion and action. We aim to learn from the past, explore the present, collaborate with intersectionality in mind & empower more untold contemporary voices, reflecting on a multicultural Australia.

In the brave new normal, Theatre & the ARTS, through diversity, will pull through. And, by working together, will advance! Here’s to the future! #representationmatters

Image: Rehearsal photo featuring some of the cast from our inaugural Production of Illegals The Game Show (London). In the photo are Lola May, Phoebe Lourdes, Guido Garcia Lueches, Kris Webb, Anthony Acosta

Cast of Illegals The Game Show at rehearsals.
Cast of Illegals The Game Show at rehearsals.